I have a friend who is my accountability partner. We keep each other on track with projects. Just knowing I ‘have to’ report in is often enough to get me going on a project. They are usually big things: money, building something, tackling a huge mess.

For some things though, it doesn’t really work. The picture above of some string-pieced sashing strips is one of those things. I am making these strips here and there, between other projects. And when they are done, they will sit in a box for quite a while, as I assemble and/or finish the embroidery they are meant to surround.

So there’s no deadline, and not even much of a visual reminder to keep going on this project. The strips sit together in a neatly clipped pile, waiting their turn.

There’s a lot in our lives like that. Non-assertive projects, politely waiting for our attention. Things that make us happy, but are too easy to push aside.

Take a look around your world, and spend some time with one of those patient projects. They deserve their time in the spotlight!