Hacking my way back to health

An image of leaves, frond, and ivy.

The good thing about being a beginner and not very many people looking at your website, is that you can neglect your website for two months and its okay.

At least, that’s what I am telling myself. 😀

I got very sick with walking pneumonia and it has been a struggle getting back into the swing of things. Everything seems so overwhelming. My main focus right now is finishing Trust in Love. I am determined to get it up on Amazon in June, as promised. Then there will be a two-month break in my publishing schedule as I finish writing the Mr. Farnum’s Funeral series. I have the unique opportunity of THREE three-day chunks of time where I can do nothing but write. I am so looking forward to it.

I was away from my Toastmasters’ club for a month, what with my vacation and health and was surprised to find myself shaking when I got up to speak, just like I used to. It passed quickly, but it made me realize what perishable skills public speaking and confidence are. If you don’t keep doing the things you are afraid of, the fear comes back. And it’s looking to mess you up!

Same thing with my writing. Even when I have the time, I am finding myself procrastinating. I keep thinking of all the ways the manuscript is not matching the vision in my head, instead of looking at what I am accomplishing. And it makes me scared to keep going. What if I blow it?

But keeping going is vital. This is my dream, and I’m not giving up. So the hacking in my title refers to my coughing(FINALLY gone!) and my metaphorical hacking through the jungle of my fears. I will get there, machete in hand.