My Standing Desk

Behold! My fancy-pants office.

This is my new writing arrangement. Two extra shelves from our livingroom bookcases, some stacked photo boxes from the craft store, and voila! A standing desk.

I love it!

I started doing this because I strained my back while ironing(very dangerous, housework) and found it hard to get up and down from my chair. I do a lot of walking around when I am writing: to check my dictionary, run to put in a load of laundry, pace a bit to help my brain puzzle out what I doing. And it wasn’t easy with my back sending up complaints.

So I tried this out and I’m a fan.

I’m so grateful not to be in pain anymore, but I’m also grateful that I was pushed to try something new. Now I am looking at other inconveniences, to see if they might guide me to a better way of doing things.