Setting intentions

Last year I joined a Mastermind group. The four of us meet twice each month to talk about our career goals and support each other in achieving them.

For our first meeting this year we decided to work on vision boards representing what we wanted for ourselves in the coming year. This one is mine.

As I pulled pictures that appealed to me, I saw some common themes emerging. Open doorways for the new things I was experiencing; spirals, for energy; light sources for vision. I pulled out the picture of the wild pig before I knew it was the year of the pig, so that made him extra special. I like that he is looking out from behind the tree, ready for what comes. My parents were both immigrants, so Lady Liberty holds a special place in my heart, and it doesn’t hurt that she is holding up a light for all who look to her.

Looking at this piece gives me a great deal of pleasure and focus. I have it hanging in my writing office for inspiration this year.

What are your intentions for 2019, and how would you represent them?