I need to get over my fear of working on my website.

So, to just get me going, here’s a little post about something I love: potatoes.

I didn’t always love potatoes. I ate them, I enjoyed them, they were a mainstay of my childhood diet. My father(both my parents) came from Germany and to him, potatoes were an essential part of any dinner.

Well, maybe not if you were eating pasta. But otherwise!

When I went out on my own, I gave up potatoes. I was just tired of them.

Gradually they crept back. Hard to keep potatoes down. They’re so versatile.

But, I began to LOVE potatoes, when I started growing them in my garden.

Who hasn’t had a potato sprout in their pantry. Usually, those get tossed, right? Now they go into my garden. They are not always successful; there are many little tricks to growing potatoes. But I love starting them off, and seeing what happens. and potato flowers! They’re shy and short-lived, and I don’t even really know if they DO anything. But they’re so sweet.

I love potatoes.