The Thrill of Being ‘That House’

A rectangular orange tray, filled with large-sized tagboard boxes of candy.
Halloween treats at our house this year.

Up until four years ago, we were a standard stop for trick-or-treaters. Fun-size candies, you got one or two depending on how the traffic was flowing. Or how cute you were.

But in 2016 we decided to spread our wings.

FULL-size candy bars.

The reactions from the kids made it so worth it. Not the little ones; they were just happy to GET candy. But ages eight or nine and up…their eyes got wide, their mouths dropped open. We got the most enthusiastic “thank-you”s ever. The best part, though, was how they would talk among themselves as they left. “Did you see? Oh my gosh!” And squeals as they ran toward their waiting parents. It’s like winning the lottery.

I’m trying to cut down on plastic, so this year it is candy that comes in tag-board boxes. Movie-snack size, the kind you are supposed to share, but rarely do. I don’t know if it will have the same impact as a full-size Snickers, but I’m hoping.

Because I want every kid to win the lottery.