Trying Something New

8 string quilt blocks done in a variety of colors
My latest mindless sewing, done when I just wanted to do something easy.

I’ve been writing for a long time. Seventeen years ago, I submitted my work for the first time, and though the answer was encouraging, it was a NO.

I discovered something about myself: I didn’t know how to deal with rejection. I kept writing, but I did not submit again. I kept telling myself I needed to…but I didn’t.

With self-publishing becoming more accepted, I decided I would try it. That way I could bypass the whole idea of someone telling me ‘no, thanks’. Sure, there would be people not buying my book, but I wouldn’t know about it! (Over-achievers deciding to reach out and tell me they are NOT reading my book–please don’t!)

But I was still scared. There were so many things to learn about self-publishing. Weird stuff I knew nothing about.

I decided I would do something else that scared me, to build up my courage. I joined Toastmasters. And now, even though public speaking still scares me, I do it. Sometimes I even volunteer to do it!

Two and a half years after I joined Toastmasters, I am publishing my first series of books. Did I make myself more courageous? Or do I just think I did? Doesn’t matter–I’m doing it!

It’s not as easy as whipping out some relaxing string blocks. It’s not as easy as public speaking! I have no idea if I will be successful. BUT…I…AM…DOING…IT!

And that’s success enough for right now.